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Here you will discover useful videos containing useful hints and tips to aid the dyslexic adult and child. Some are films we have created ourselves and others are ones we love from the web.


Please do explore our YouTube channel for more videos: 


ODA YouTube Channel


*Please double click the videos to go full screen.*

What is Dyslexia?

A film created for TED talks and overview by Kelli Sandman-Hurley

Famous Dyslexics

Created by us - A fun look at a selection of famous people with dyslexia.

Kara Tointon - 'Don't Call Me Stupid' 

A brilliant and informative documentary on dyslexia featuring the actress Kara Tointon. 


This is a link to part one. Head to our YouTube Channel for the full episode. 

Dyslexia Unbound

A fantastic film looking at studying at Oxford University if you have Dyslexia.  

CBBC Newsround Special ‘My Dyslexic Mind’

Unfortunately we can't play this on our site, but it is a very useful film. Please click on the picture to go to the video. 

Overcoming Dyslexia - TED youth talk.

Piper Otterbein's story. 

Famous dyslexics - Richard Branson

With 35% of entrepreneurs being dyslexic, find out more from Richard Branson.

Handy Spelling Technique for Dyslexics

This technique uses visual cues within the words to help the child recognize the word and remember how to spell it.​

CBBC - Henry Winkler talks about dyslexia

Henry Winkler, who plays Mr Rock in CBBC's Hank Zipzer, shares his own experiences of living with dyslexia and tells us a few things about dyslexia that you may or may not know!

Dyslexia At Oxford | 21 Conversations about Dyslexia

Dyslexia at Oxford is a visual film and photography project about dyslexia in conversation with students, alumni, staff, tutors, and researchers at both The University of Oxford, Oxford Brookes University and members of the local community.

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